Patient Questions & Answers

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ThermaVein spider vein removal treatment is performed in professional clinics or offices by physicians are medical trained personnel

A typical treatment should take about 15 minutes.

In many cases, just one ThermaVein treatment can remove your problem veins. Occasionally someone will need up to three treatments.

As you can imagine, everyone’s comfort level is different. Patients who had ThermaVein treatment have said that they felt a slight pinching sensation, or something similar to having a hair plucked. Others have said they hardly felt a thing, and some even seemed unaware that the procedure had been started.

ThermaVein treatment has no downtime at all! You will walk away from treatment and back to all your normal activities without restriction.

What’s great about the ThermaVein technology is that there are no after treatment instructions. Patients do not have to worry about being in the sun or applying post treatment creams.